Explore the life and opportunities within Reva Group

As we connect people with homes around the world, we connect passionate professionals with opportunities for growth and development within their field. We encourage applications from diverse, talented individuals to build their future with Reva Group.

Cultivating a Collaborative Culture

At Reva Group, we’re a global family representing over 15 nationalities collaborating from all over the world. Our headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is the base for 13 of our employees, with our second workspace located in London, England, where three employees are currently situated.

The majority of our employees are working remotely from different parts of the world. As an employee at Reva Group you will have the opportunity to join in-office or work remotely depending on your situation. 

We encourage collaboration, fostering open communication and knowledge sharing across teams. We invest in our employees’ growth and development, providing opportunities for continuous learning and career advancement. 

From team-building activities to social events and global company summits, we foster a sense of community that extends beyond the office walls. Explore our current job openings across various departments, including:

Job openings


Perks and benefits

Competitive salary

Flexible work arrangements

Paid time off

Opportunities for travel between offices

Discounted transportation

On-site perks like free snacks, lunch, and multiple social events

Annual global summit

Commitment to professional development and training