The Reva Group Journey


In 1998 our first housing platform was launched in Denmark, meticulously collecting and aggregating listings across a single market. Soon our footprint expanded to the Swedish market with two additional platforms. Today, we’re proud to operate in 32 countries across 35 platforms, empowering property owners and renters with a seamless experience.


Jan Revald, our current CEO, founded Reva Group, bringing over two decades of experience in the rental housing industry, primarily in Denmark and Germany. Our first rental housing platform, originally named, was launched in 1998, exclusively operating in the Danish market.


This pivotal year marked the real kickoff of Reva Group as we know it today, with the addition of our first employees. Working from a home office, we diligently refined our initial site, transforming it into a tenacious competitor in the digital rental housing aggregator market.


We expanded into the Swedish market with the launch of Bostadshub and Bostadslistan. Simultaneously, our Danish platform underwent a rebranding to become, a name it still proudly carries. In addition, we established our first office in Copenhagen, Denmark, further solidifying our presence.


Our team expanded to include 8 employees, and we ventured beyond the rental housing market, diversifying into subscription-based businesses within the fitness and babysitting industries.


In a significant move towards globalization, we launched Rentola, our first international housing aggregator portal, in France, extending our reach beyond the borders of Scandinavia.


The Rentola expansion saw rapid growth, with the development of several more markets throughout the year, significantly increasing our inventory of housing platforms and expanding our user base. At this time the company also experienced growth within the number of employees both domestically and internationally, leading to new office locations in the centre of Copenhagen, as well as the establishment of our own development team in Cairo, Egypt.


The "think global, act local" initiative was introduced, resulting in the launch of the first localized brands beyond the Nordic borders. Our revenue doubled from the previous year, marking significant growth. This year also saw the inaugural Reva Group Summit held in Cairo over three days, bringing together employees for networking, trips, workshops, and many other exciting experiences!


Further expansion of both global and local brands occurred, resulting in a total global traffic of 100 million visitors and almost 300,000 new customers across all Reva Group business units. The second Reva Group Summit was held, this time in Malaga, Spain.


The year 2024 began with the expansion into the job market through the development of our job aggregator platform, Jobadoo. We launched the first Jobadoo platforms in the UK, France, and Germany. Additionally, Rentola 2.0 was introduced, featuring a total redesign and optimized user interface and experience, initially launching on, with plans for a full platform rollout within the year.

We strive to eliminate the frustration of limited options and cumbersome processes. Over the past five years, our platforms have connected thousands of tenants with their new rental home.

We offer a diverse range of properties, from cozy studios to sprawling estates, catering to every tenant’s unique needs and budget, where we try to connect our +100.000.000 yearly users with potential landlords from our ever growing database of +1.000.000 current listings.

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Guiding Principles

At Reva Group, we’re driven by a clear mission: To empower property seekers and landlords across Europe with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for finding and managing rental properties, fostering sustainable growth. We want to help as many rental seekers into their new accommodation by providing them with a seamless and convenient experience that aligns with their unique needs and aspirations

We want to become the leading provider of property rentals in Europe and beyond; a unified platform on a multi-brand strategy that resonates with our customers and is available when and where they need it and delivers exceptional value to both property seekers and landlords.

These lofty aspirations are grounded in our core values:

Join us on our journey

At Reva Group, we’re always searching for talented individuals who share our passion for building a connected future. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, we invite you to explore our career opportunities: